NEOPERL Catalogue 2016 | Page 39

Check valves – Applications The use of check valves, or other suitable safety devices, is prescribed by standards and technical rules and regulations in many countries to prevent contamination of the drinking water. NEOPERL® check valves are used all over the world in their capacity as backflow safeguards that comply with the pertinent standards. The broad spectrum of check valves has also proven itself in many other fields of application. – to prevent contamination of drinking water as a result of backflow, backpressure or backsiphonage Example: a pull-out kitchen spray or shower head – to prevent possible damage or contamination of sensitive equipment caused by backflow Example: water meters, pumps or filters – to hold water in a system or pipe to prevent it from running dry or to facilitate a restart Example: pump systems – to prevent crossover flow between systems with different line pressures Example: cold and hot water supplies in thermostatic mixers – to minimise the risk of backflow or leakage in the event of a valve failure Example: a solenoid valve on the upstream side of an application – to safeguard correct functioning in complex systems by ensuring that water only flows in one direction Example: heating systems with multiple heating zones, booster pumps – to prevent malfunctions caused by system pressure fluctuations in pressure-sensitive installations (unwanted discharge of water) Example: a backflow preventer with aerated intermediate pressure chamber Check valves | 39