NEOPERL Catalogue 2016 | Page 31

NEOPERL® Swivel adaptors Swivel adaptors can be connected to any standard faucet thread, enabling the aerator to spray water into every corner of the sink or bidet. Rely on proven quality and a first-class chrome finish – cylindrical or angular, with a wide range of matching aerators. Swivel adaptors for CACHÉ® aerators Design swivel adaptors cylindric NT cylindric square Swivel joints for aerators with housing classic M22 × M22 classic M24 × M24 The pictures show example models. Swivel adaptors and swivel joints are available in numerous sizes and with various connecting threads: female M22 ×1, female M16 ×1, female 3⁄8˝, male M24 ×1, male M18 ×1, male M16 ×1, CACHÉ® STD, CACHÉ® JR, CACHÉ® TJ and CACHÉ® TT. You can find a detailed overview of all available swivels on our website. Swivel adaptors | 31