NEOPERL Catalogue 2016 | Page 11

Special applications: low-pressure installations Cold water tank Flow rates for low-pressure drinking water installations Pressure range: 0.1 to 1.0 bar In so-called low-pressure markets, the water pressure depends on the gravity generated in the building (gravity-fed system). The height of the water tank placed above the appliance (e.g. the faucet) determines the line pressure at the outlet. Hot water tank Gravity-fed systems are characterised by low pressure; a classic aerator does not achieve an aerated stream under such circumstances. Neoperl offers special models which create a soft, comfortable, aerated water stream. mains water supply line Flow rate V (full-flow model) Aeration starting at just 0.2 bar (with a minimum flow of 3.5 l/min). Flow rate V is available for most aerator product lines. Flow rate Q (low-flow model) Aeration starting at just 0.1 bar with only a flow of 1.8 l/min required. Compared to flow rate V in the pressure range up to 0.6  bar, the Q has a lower flow rate and is therefore the water-efficient variant of the V. Flow rate Q is available for several aerator product lines. NEW: PCA® V – the model for universal use These days, pure low-pressure markets are increasingly rare. Mixed systems with pump-fed supply are becoming much more common. Hence classic low-pressure and standard-pressure applications may occur side-by-side, posing a special challenge to faucet manufacturers. In order to do justice to both types, Neoperl now offers the PCA® V aerator with DualCore® technology. This model creates a full, aerated stream in low-pressure installations. When the pressure goes up, its regulating function maintains a virtually constant, water-saving flow rate regardless of pressure fluctuations. Aerators | 11