NEO Magazine Issue 1 - Page 73

stitutions committed to ending the propagation of degradation and scarcity as over-arching themes in current global media. Implement democratic rating features and discussion forums concerning the news being presented from both inside and outside the True News Network. The humaniSphere community will receive updated information and a continued coverage flow from humaniSphere members acting as citizen journalists. Global Alerts made by the Citizen Journalist will enable the humaniSphere community to decide upon, actions that need to be taken, finances that need to be directed to enable action, and spread uncensored information enabling people to make informed and unbiased decisions. the new earth exchange the network will: Forge a paradigm shift in global news coverage & distribution to via web & TV. Open up a global highway for citizen journalism from across all nations & cultures. Challenge the quality and integrity of existing socio-political information exchange. Spotlight key mainstream as well as alternative voices in all areas of world affairs. Cultivate a global network of individuals and in- The New Earth Exchange is an innovative online core ‘banking’ and financial exchange portal which will revolutionize the concept of ‘money’ and eliminates usury and profiteering. The Exchange will facilitate trade using the New Earth Sovereign, which is launching as an alternative currency for use within the New Earth Nation and the humaniSphere. The New Earth Sovereign is a non-taxable, usury free medium of exchange. It redefines current notions of value without artificial limitations on the supply of goods and services to create the illusion of scarcity, people are credited for the goods and services they provide according to the degree to which their services advance the human condition. The function and form of the New Earth Sovereign is designed by leading economists who are themselves at the forefront of the pending monetary revolution. In acknowledgment of the fact that units of value are aligned with the nature of value in exchange, the transition to a worldwide economic transformation will be a phased experience with sovereign beings moving from previous paradigms into the new.