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9 Questions to Ask a Prospective Coach Perhaps you have used the CRS to narrow your pool of potential coaches, but what comes next? Asking the right questions is key in connecting with the coach that’s right for your organization. Here are some recommended questions when considering a coach: 1. Are you a member of the ICF? 2. Do you hold an ICF Credential? 3. What is your coaching experience? (Number of individuals coached, years of experience, types of coaching situations, etc.) 4. What is your coach-specific training? (ICF approved training program, other coach-specific training program) 5. What types of businesses do you work with most often? 6. What levels have you coached? (Presidents, vice presidents, middle managers, etc.) 7. What is your philosophy about coaching? 8. What types of assessments are you certified to deliver? 9. What are some coaching success stories? (Examples of individuals who have succeeded as a result of coaching/how the coach added value)