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Where can I find the best coaches for my organization? ICF provides helpful tools for the hiring process available to anyone with internet access. All ICF Credentialed coaches are searchable through an online directory, and the ICF Coach Referral Service (CRS) is a tool to help narrow your search. CRS is a free public resource that allows clients to tailor their search for a qualified coach based on specific criteria, be it the coach’s professional experience and direction, or a certain coaching method or language preference. You can access these tools from our website, In general, focusing your search on ICF Credentialed coaches or coaches who have completed an ICF approved training program will ensure they are highly trained, committed to professionalism, experienced, and adhere to a strict ethical standard. They have fulfilled coach-specific training, achieved a designated number of experience hours, and have been coached by a Mentor Coach. ICF’s rapid expansion indicates worldwide recognition of the value of ICF Credentialed Coaches. According to the ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study, clients were more likely to be satisfied with their coaching experience, as well as recommending coaching to others, when they worked with an ICF Credentialed coach. Scan the code to find a coach today!