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Tumi Sole

Tumi Sole is an attorney and well-known social media activist . He is the founder of # CountryDuty , a social movement in South Africa that brings people together despite race and creed . Tumi has received various accolades for his work , including Mail & Guardian Young 200 ; Top 100 Most Influential Young South African , and more recently Top 25 nominee in the Junior Chamber International ( JCI ) in South Africa .
In 2015 , Tumi took to running as a coping mechanism following a traumatic accident , assault and robbery . Through this , he founded # RunningWithTumiSole , a running movement with a global social media presence in over 60 countries and aim of encouraging others , who may have experienced challenges or difficulties , to use running as a coping mechanism , the same way he did .
What has been your favourite race / marathon to compete in ?
Last year , I completed the Comrades Marathons Legend virtual series . This was my first time running and completing a 21 km . That ’ s a milestone for me so I would say , having completed that in 2 hours and 15minutes makes it my favourite race to compete in .
If you could compete in any marathon , which one would it be ?
I often contemplate doing the Comrades Marathon , which requires another level of discipline and commitment . That ’ s on my bucket list and one day , it will be ticked off .
What are you looking forward to when completing the Nedbank Runified Challenges ?
Having participated in the challenges last year , I am looking forward to engaging with my followers ’ postchallenges . Although Covid-19 has done a number on us , these challenges are a good way of connecting with other runners albeit virtually .
Do you have any tips for new runners ?
Start slowly , scale-up and have fun whilst at it . More importantly , do not worry about your pace or other peoples ’ pace , running is a personal commitment and gets better in time .