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Nedbank Running Club Bloemfontein Fast Legs ( Free State )
Home Base : Mmabane Stadium , Selosesha Unit 1 , Thaba Nchu COVID Plan B …
This club places a big focus on development runners , particularly in cross country and track , and while cross country meets were allowed in the first half of the year , everything has once again has been put on hold . Chairperson Kantoor Nkoane says , “ COVID has been very difficult . We had one league event in May , but now with the current wave , they have stopped running events again .”
The club offers weekly time trials and has a coach who runs different training programmes , depending on the season . Currently , the club has 30 development runners signed up for direct coaching and training , but is also in touch with all the school coaches in the surrounding areas , in order to recruit further young talent . With the COVID restrictions making this outreach work impossible , due to school sports being on hold , the club has chosen to put its focus on its current group of athletes .
Nedbank Running Club Limpopo ( Limpopo )
Home Base : Old Mokaba Stadium , cnr Voortrekker & Dorp Streets , Polokwane COVID Plan B …
This NRC was started at the end of 2019 under the chairmanship of former Comrades Marathon winner Ludwick Mammabola , and it already had 30 members before lockdown started a few months later . Several of these athletes are regular winners or podium finishers in that area , so the club was already enjoying great success .
Members of the club regularly meet on Wednesday evenings for the weekly time trial at the stadium , and while the club is still relatively new and hasn ’ t been to that many races yet , ( thanks to lockdown restrictions ), its members have been invited to join any other NRC gazebo in SA if they are wearing club clothing . Thus these new members have been made to feel part of the NRC family .
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Nedbank Running Club Durban ( KwaZulu-Natal )
Home Base : Kings Park Athletics Stadium , Isaiah Ntshangase Road , Stamford Hill , Durban
COVID Plan B …
The club has a good balance between elite and social runners , with the top runners usually featuring in the top three teams in the Comrades Marathon , even winning the Gunga Din or Arthur Newton team trophies a couple of times . Of course , these elites have been affected by lockdown , with no races to participate in , but the club has done all it can to keep them running and feeling positive .
The club was busy in February and March , with members taking part in local track and field meets . Also , the elite runners were able to compete in the Nedbank 50km Breaking
Barriers event in Gqeberha , which included the successful IAU World Record attempt , and other members were also able to support the elite team .
The club has a very active WhatsApp group , with daily posts about members ’ runs , and what they are doing to keep active , which in turn motivates others to keep running and training . The club is also incredibly excited about the upcoming Runified Series , with most members ready to take up the challenge !
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Nedbank Running Club East London ( Border )
COVID Plan B …
Once restrictions eased , allowing members to run outside again , the club began running weekly virtual time trials of 5km and 8.5km , using Strava to track members ’ times . This also allowed the club to create its own ‘ club ’ on the platform , using it as a way to keep members motivated and feeling positive , especially with leaderboards to keep the competition element alive !
This month , with the third wave upon us , the club is launching its Strava Club Challenge , where there will be different prizes for various elements on the leaderboard , so runners who log the most mileage , running time and ascent all stand to win something . It ’ s another innovative way to keep members motivated and running .
With the club ’ s annual Buffs Marathon not allowed to take place , the club took the race virtual . While runners across the country were encouraged to take part virtually , the club went one step further for its members , allowing a limited number to run the actual route , with water points and seconding , as a way to give them a race experience in this time of no racing .
The Club is also proactive on social channels , posting pics from members ’ long runs and using the WhatsApp groups for members to chat and share their runs and goals , helping to keep everyone motivated , especially since they can ’ t race or train together . Of course , the club is also very excited about this year ’ s Nedbank Runified Challenge , and will be getting all its members involved .
Home Base : Beacon Bay Country Club , Beaconhusrt Drive , Beacon Bay , East London
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