NCSTIIID Newsletter Vol. 2

Letter from the President

Dear Colleague,

What a whirlwind year, it has been implementing ESSA nationally. Serving as President of the National Council of State Title III Directors (NCSTIIID) during this year has been unforgettable. One of the memories, I will never forget, is hearing the stories from you about the English Learners in your state. Those stories, remind me of why I went into teaching and why I decided to be a part of NCSTIIID.

This year is full of memories. One memory, that inspired me was listening to Wayne Thomas and Virginia Collier and seeing their trend data on ELs who waive services at the NCSTIIID Annual Meeting, last February. Their chart inspired me to dig in the academic data for waiver students in my state. English Learners with waivers are just as important as English Learners receiving direct EL support; they have the right to learn. (cont. p2)

In this issue:


New NCSTIIID Legislative Liaison, TESOL Advocacy Day, advocacy letters, and ED Week quote, See pages 2,3, and 4.


The council will be hosting a series of meetings in partnership with national organizations and conferences such as La Cosecha and NABE. These opportunities will provide a national forum for LEAs and State Education agencies to collaborate and provide support and guidance for school and district implementation of programs for ELs. Registration for upcoming NCSTIIID events includes membership. See page 5 for more details and registration links.


The National Council of State Title III Directors (NCSTIIID) is not just for state directors! Membership is open to all EL advocates in school districts, universities, etc. Renew your membership or join the NCSTIIID today! See page 6.


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