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SOLUTIONS FOR RESOURCE INDUSTRIES NANA Construction is a full-service general contractor that provides a full suite of services to the oil and gas and resource development industries. NANA Construction has supported Alaska’s resource industries since 2008 and has worked with major clients such as BP, ConocoPhillips, Eni, Teck and Caelus Energy. Our industrial construction personnel are client-focused, committed to maintaining a safe work environment and delivering operational excellence – on budget and on time. We hire and retain the best, most experienced talent in the fabrication, construction, installation and electrical trades, and our expansive fabrication facility gives us the capacity to complete large, full-scale projects in a covered and fully protected environment. Our approach is centered on the fact that when you do business with NANA Construction, it’s done right the first time. A wholly owned subsidiary of NANA, NANA Construction is a strong, secure, reliable and environmentally mindful company. NANA’s core values of honesty, integrity, commitment, dignity and respect shape our client relationships and are the basis for our strong work ethic. PROJECT EXAMPLES CAPABILITIES WORLD-CLASS FACILITY • BP facility siting fabrication and • Oil & gas processing modules NANA Construction’s fabrication facility is one of the best in Alaska, with multiple buildings on 32+ acres at mile 2.1, Big Lake Road, just north of Wasilla, Alaska. installation project • VIP2 demolition and • Explosion-resistant modules • Full-service EPC contractor • BP STP36 pigging module • Field construction • ICE services Aurora Express • Camp and industrial fabrication Large industrial modules manufactured at this strategically located facility reduce transport times to the North Slope by up to two days compared to modules manufactured in Anchorage. • Industrial needs The facility features: • Maintenance Building 1 Blasting, Coatings and Tank Fabrication 12,480 sf, 60’ x 208’ with three overhead cranes installation project Camp expansion • Kuukpik Pad high-voltage power • Teck maintenance program at Red Dog Mine • Moose Pad skid fabrication project SERVICES • Industrial/commercial fabrication and installation • Cradle-to-grave fabrication, support and longevity services • Full EPC camp design • Constructability support • Maintenance services • Operations services • Fire and gas installation • Construction management • Coatings Module Assembly Building 3 14,400 sf, 60’ x 240’ with two, 10-ton capacity overhead cranes Module Assembly Building 3a 9,600 sf, 40’ x 240’ with stainless steel fab bay, warehouse, tool room, electrical room Building 4 Administration and Change Room 4,800 sf, 40’ x 60’ with two stories, change area and offices Building 5 Modular Manufacturing Facility 54,000 sf, 200’ x 260’ with overhead cranes