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Choose Tom Miller for City Council In this election , I am focused on supporting candidates who are ethical , transparent and have only the best interests of the city at heart . I have no interest in electing a Councilperson whose decisions are based on what is best for his political career . Voters decisively defeated Measure B in June and anyone who is politically astute knew that Measure B ’ s hidden details would have radically changed our city government for the worse .
Virtually every former mayor opposed Measure B for this reason , but City Council candidate Joe Stapleton voted yes for this initiative , apparently to further his political career .
In stark contrast , Tom Miller vigorously fought to protect our city . Which candidate would you want in office ? I choose Tom Miller .
Susan Skinner / Newport Beach
Joe Stapleton is the Best Choice for Newport Beach City Council I ’ m proud to be supporting Joe Stapleton for Newport Beach city council .
Newport deserves the best , and Joe is the best candidate when it comes to experience , leadership , dedication and temperament .
I like many others in our city have
collaborated with Joe for close to a decade working on behalf of Newport Beach and its residents .
Joe has a long-standing record maintaining and enhancing the quality of life we have all come to enjoy and will do what is fair and right for Newport Beach residents .
We know Joe . We trust Joe . Joe will continue to keep Newport , Newport .
Elections matter . Particularly local elections where local officials can have a profound impact on our daily life . Fiscal responsibility is one of Joe ’ s key issues . Joe is a local Newport business owner operating a financial services and money management firm . He understands the discipline it takes to run a successful business .
Those same values hold true for the city where Joe serves on the Finance Committee ensuring Newport ’ s financial stability and prosperity . Joe will bring his experience and financial leadership to positively influence city council decisions thereby preserving and expanding Newport ’ s financial strength .
The other key issue championed by Joe is public safety . And our own city champions — our police , fire and lifeguards — all support Joe . They know and trust Joe . Joe is dedicated to
likewise strengthening our city ’ s public safety .
Given the utter failure of other cities and counties in California to protect its citizens , Newport Beach is instead a shining example of what it means to expect and have the best police , fire and lifeguards . That ’ s why even Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes has expressly endorsed Joe .
Newport must maintain and enhance its public safety . And Joe is the best candidate-steward to do exactly that .
Please join me and many other Newport Beach residents in supporting and voting Joe Stapleton for city council ! Kory Kramer / Newport Beach
We Need the Business and Community Leadership of Joe Stapleton If the last few years have taught us anything , it is that elections matter ! Furthermore , character matters in elected officials .
The 2022 elections are in full swing . Signs are popping up around town , mailers are arriving and residents are beginning to ask questions as to which candidates to support for City Council . I am supporting Joe Stapleton for City Council in the District 1 election race .
From the estates in Newport Coast , family neighborhoods in and around CDM , to the historic culture of the Peninsula , Newport Beach is a special place with a range of different lifestyles .
The person we elect should have an intimate knowledge of all of the unique characteristics that make up our City .
Joe Stapleton has decades of leadership experience . He has served as Harbor Commissioner , Chair of The Newport Beach Foundation and is a member of the Finance Committee . His commitment to Newport Beach and his dedication to our community has been unwavering .
I have had the pleasure of working with Joe through multiple boards and organizations . I have seen his leadership skills in action . Joe is committed to protecting our high quality of life with his main priority addressing the homeless crisis .
We need strong leadership that is willing to make the tough decisions necessary to solve the growing homeless population in Newport Beach . We need the business and community leadership of Joe Stapleton to keep our city strong . He will keep Newport , Newport .
Mario Marovic / Newport Beach

Wilma ’ s

was a big learning curve , and it took a couple of years to get it dialed in .”
Wilma retired from daily involvement in the restaurant in 2007 , but she stayed active in the community , and in 2004 she was honored to be Balboa Island Parade ’ s Grand Marshal . Wilma died in 2014 .
WILMA ’ S MENU OPUS When Wilma ’ s Patio opened in the new spot on Marine Avenue the menu was scaled back , but it has since grown into a multi-page opus . Drewry kiddingly blames the lengthy menu on her customers .
“ People would say can you make me something not on the menu , and if we had the ingredients we ’ d make it and add it to the menu ,” explained Drewry . “ So if you look at our menu it is big , but the way we did it was through pilfering items we had in house so there was not as much waste or storage We ’ d do thick slices of ham for breakfast and thin slices for sandwiches . We had fried chicken on the menu , so we added a fried chicken sandwich . We had burgers and then we added a patty melt because we had bread . And a sourdough burger — that ’ s probably our number one seller .”
Drewry said at one point she tried to cut some of the comfort food for healthier options such as seafood , but “ people want pot roast , people want grilled cheese , people want fish and chips . It ’ s comfort food . That ’ s why they
Balboa Belly Bomber breakfast sandwich / photo by Chris Trela
come here .”
They also come for the history . One dining room is constructed from wood that was salvaged from the original bridge onto Balboa Island . The beams in the restaurant are from the railroad that came down the peninsula . The spacious back patio was once a badminton court where people could learn to play and purchase badminton sets .
History took a back seat when the pandemic hit in March 2020 and restaurants had to close their doors .
“ Normally we get five to six weeks of spring break starting in mid-March , and I ordered a lot of food . What are we going to do ?” wondered Drewry .
The answer : create an ad hoc market in front of the restaurant and sell everything from eggs to orange juice and milk . They made dinners to go including enchiladas , pot roast and chicken , plus champagne brunch . They delivered free on the island .
“ We did what we had to do ,” recalled Drewry . “ I had bills to pay , so we got creative .”
Now , Wilma ’ s Patio is once again packed with hungry diners who relish their favorite dishes , which includes pumpkin pancakes .
“ People start calling in September asking if we have our pumpkin pancakes . They have a fan following all their own ,” said Drewry . “ We ’ ve been selling them for 35 years , way before the pumpkin craze started .”
Another popular breakfast dish , said Drewry , is the Balboa Belly Bomber : a sourdough loaf cut in half and stuffed with an omelet . Also the egg enchilada , another item that ’ s been on the menu for several decades .
Drewry has witnessed countless changes on Balboa Island over the years , but fewer changes to her staff — some longtime employees have been working at Wilma ’ s Patio for more than 20 years .
“ It ’ s a family-run business , so it has a different feel to it ,” said Drewry , who added that although she ’ s been running the restaurant for many years , she has no plans to retire — yet .
“ I would love for my daughter to take it over . She grew up working here as a server . This could be hers if she wants it .”
Until then , Drewry has plans to host monthly wine dinners and bring in live music , among other things .
“ Maybe a three-course dinner with wine pairings . Something fun and different . I love food , and I love creating .”
Drewry is already planning her strategy for the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade , which brings thousands of people to Newport Beach , and Balboa Island .
” The Sunday of the boat parade is the busiest day of the year for us ,” said Drewry . “ All the families are here , people come out during the day to meet friends , there are big parties , and people come in here all day long .”
The Boat Parade does bring an avalanche of customers , but Wilma ’ s Patio has been blessed with many longtime diners who frequent the restaurant multiple times a week . It ’ s easy to see the allure : fine food , friendly staff , and an ambiance that says “ welcome to Wilma ’ s … welcome home .”
Visit wilmaspatio . com .