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Newport Beach Police Explorers are Excellence in Uniform


Child Passenger Safety Week

By Richard Simon | NB Indy Look out current and future criminals ! The next crop of potential cops in Newport Beach is so bright , the Police Department won ’ t need AI ( artificial intelligence ) to collar the bad guys .
There probably is no greater barometer of continued excellence than with the current group of Police Explorers under the guidance of 50-year-old Detective Mike Fletcher . Police Explorers are a volunteer group of youth ranging in age from 14 to 21 , most of whom joined mainly because of their interest in law enforcement , but also as a way to satisfy their schools ’ community service requirements .
“ When I was 14 , I was an Explorer with Newport ,” Fletcher recounted of his four year involvement . However , it was a natural membership , for his father , Doug Fletcher , had been a Newport cop from 1971-2002 .
“ We teach the students all aspects of law enforcement and all that our department has to offer — from Patrol to Dispatch to CSI ,” Fletcher shared . The impact that the program has on its Explorers is nothing short of dynamic , as shared by three 18-year-old students : Luke Martin and Riley Bogart from Newport Harbor High School , and Zoey Batchman ( Detective Fletcher ’ s step-daughter ) from Los Alamitos High School .
“ Joining has been one of my best decisions . What kid my age receives training from detectives and SWAT team members or gets to drive ‘ lights-and-sirens ’ to calls with police officers ?” asked Martin , a karate black belt , as well as a recent Valedictorian with a 4.6 GPA who ’ ll be starting UCLA as a sophomore this

Newport Beach City Manager Update

Grace Leung , Newport Beach City Manager
By Grace Leung , Newport Beach City Manager
E-bikes , propelled by electric motors , have emerged as an increasingly popular and ecofriendly mode of transportation . However , with their growing popularity , ensuring e-bike safety has become paramount .
As part of the City ’ s ongoing commitment to
Newport Beach Police Explorers took first place overall in this year ’ s CHP Explorer events .
Fall . “ This experience is definitely the most exciting and unique thing I ’ ve ever been a part of .”
Some of Martin ’ s favorite experiences include “ having team dinners to celebrate our successes at Explorer competitions ( They took first place overall in this year ’ s CHP Explorer events ); learning weapons safety ; a ride-along where the officer arrested individuals in possession of guns and drugs , and then going lights and sirens to stop a trespasser who was breaking into a motel lobby and scaring the worker inside .”
Explorers attend weekly two-hour educational sessions , but Martin said he arrives an
the safety and well-being of our community , we invite residents to attend one of two upcoming free workshops on e-bike safety hosted by the Newport Beach Police Department .
The public workshops will be on Monday , October 2 from 6 to 8 p . m . at Mariners Elementary School , 2100 Mariners Dr ., and on Tuesday , October 3 from 5:30 to 6:30 p . m . at Ensign Intermediate School , 2000 Cliff Dr .
The public workshops are in addition to several student-only workshops being conducted at Ensign , Mariners and Corona del Mar High School .
The e-bike safety workshops will cover essential topics such as :
• Safe riding practices . Learn how to navigate traffic , intersections and pedestrian areas safely to reduce the risk of collisions .
• Maintenance and inspection . Understand the importance of maintaining e-bikes in good working order to prevent accidents caused by mechanical failures . hour early so that he can listen in at supervisors ’ meetings . Additionally , he says , “ I may spend anywhere from eight to 12 hours a week with other Explorers to gain community service credits . These had been monumental in my college applications .”
Although he plans to major in Business and Economics , Martin has set his sights on becoming a Newport cop upon graduation . But what about that major ? Purely a foundational background , he said , that may come in handy when he becomes a detective investigating fraud and economic crimes .
NBPD Page 9
• Helmets and protective gear . Learn why helmets and other protective gear are of critical importance in reducing the severity of injuries in case of an accident .
• Local regulations . Get informed about e-bike regulations in our community to ensure that riders stay in compliance .
• Law enforcement . Learn how the Newport Beach Police Department is enforcing laws and regulations related to e-bikes .
By attending a workshop , you not only enhance your own safety but contribute to a safer environment for everyone . We especially encourage parents , teachers and community leaders to bring young people and students , to help equip younger riders with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the roads safely . Together , we can ensure that e-bike rides in our community are more enjoyable , efficient and safe .
By NB Indy Staff
Last week was Child Passenger Safety week , but it ’ s never too late to follow the tips from the Newport Beach Police Department to keep your little ones safe and secure .
Here are four tips around child car seat safety :
• Find the right seat : When buying a car seat , a child ’ s age , weight , and height should all be taken into account to ensure the safety harness fits properly .
• Install the car seat properly : Installing a car seat should be done correctly for it to be effective . Newport Beach residents may schedule an individual appointment to get their car seat inspected . To learn more about the Newport Beach Police Department car seat program , or to schedule an appointment , please contact Officer Hamilton at Mchamilton @ nbpd . org .
• Beware of car seat hazards : Many toddlers resist the car seat . They ’ ll try to wiggle or slide out of their seat or push the seat belt over their h – ead . This distracts you as the driver and places your child in danger . A distracted driver is more likely to cause a crash and a child who is not secure in their car seat can be seriously injured or killed .
• Set the right example by buckling up yourself : Children like to copy their parents ’ behavior . If you have a child who objects to being strapped in , showing them that mommy and daddy also buckle up can help persuade them .



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