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he comes to the Council with a solid foundation for his seat on the dais .
I believe that Joe is an independent thinker and will do what needs to be done in the best interest of all Newport Beach residents . Marie Case / Newport Beach
Tom Miller is Not a Politician and That Is a Good Thing
It has been said that all politics are local , but city government is not a place for politicians . It is designed to be non-partisan .
I took a close look at the Newport Beach City Council and the Planning Commission when Short Term Rentals became a concern in my neighborhood . I began to see how a voting bloc on the council existed and it was controlling how the city was governed . STR regulation was not on their radar and without the four votes of the bloc , residents were not getting a voice despite most of the residents in favor of restrictions .
This and two other actions caused me to look even closer at how Newport Beach was being governed by Team Newport :
1 . Joy Brenner was the most experienced and most qualified candidate to be Mayor Pro-Tem , but Team Newport voted in the most inexperienced and least qualified candidate to the position . This was done despite countless resident ’ s letters to the city and speeches at council . The bloc had made up their mind and had the votes .
2 . Measure B was put on the council agenda , and eventually the ballot , by Team Newport because they had the four votes needed . Measure B would have brought more politics into the city and made it easier for the bloc to control how the city was governed . The bloc prevented any council discussion or input on the measure . Fortunately , voters turned it down . It was a shameful waste of money , and it divided the city . The only way to prevent another such effort is to break up the bloc through the election process .
The voice and the will of residents is restricted when council members vote as a unit rather than working as a unit .
I don ’ t want to worry that all voices are not being given equal


the crowd for the annual Fund the Mission paddle raise which hauled in over $ 727,000 with donations from event guests ranging from $ 100,000 to $ 100 , as well as an anonymous ( and unplanned ) matching donation from an event guest for $ 250,000 .
Following the live auction guests headed to the dance floor to continue the party and celebrate the evening ’ s success with a concert performance by Wes Quave Band .
This year ’ s Diamond Sponsor was Karen Jordan , Emerald Sponsor was consideration . I don ’ t want to attend every City Council or Planning Commission meeting . I want council members to be independent and willing to work with the entire council . No behind the curtain deals and no special treatment . Council needs to encourage resident participation , not discourage it .
At the public candidate forums , a common theme is the city issues are driven by state politics . I will not disagree , but I will point out that our state is governed by a super majority . I have concerns that our current voting bloc , aka Team Newport , is a de facto super majority .
We need council members who vote and act independently and do what is best for the city as a whole and not a result of endorsements and entitlements .
Our nation , our state , and our city need more leaders and less politicians and that is why my vote goes to Tom Miller .
Gary Cruz / Newport Beach
Support for Joy Brenner One of the more sensitive jobs of a council member is negotiating labor agreements with city staff . The unions ’ role is to push for as much as they can get . The council ’ s role is to provide compensation packages that insure we attract and retain the best people and at the same time keep in mind the long-term financial health of the city which can mean saying no to some requests .
In her tenure , Joy Brenner has done a good job of finding this balance . For example , she has called for new police hires to provide better coverage in the city , but she has been firm in rejecting some union demands that she felt were both unnecessary and not fiscally responsible .
In other words , she has said no to some labor requests in order to protect the city ’ s taxpayers . Supporting the safety of our city while keeping a firm hand on financial controls--this is just one of the reasons I am supporting her reelection .
Nancy Gardner / Former Newport Beach Council Member and Mayor
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