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Newport Beach Resident Donates $ 25K in Gift Cards to Newport Beach Police Department

By Megan Forrester | Special to the NB Indy
When Newport Beach resident Dotty McDonald first started volunteering at the Newport Beach Police Department back in 2015 , she realized two important things : each member of the department cares significantly for the community and every cop loves a good slice of pizza .
So , after hearing everyone at the station praise Sgt . Pepperoni ’ s pizza ( a longtime Newport Beach favorite ), and McDonald notably remembering one officer loving a ham and pineapple pie , she decided to gather donations from her friends to purchase gift cards from the famous pizza parlor for each member of the police department .
“ I want everyone to make those men and women know that they are appreciated ,” Mc- Donald said . “ I ’ m so excited to make them happy and well fed .”
This tradition of collecting donations began in 2018 , with the money , or dough , rising each year . This year on July 5 , Mc- Donald , who turns 94 next month , delivered over $ 25,000 in gift cards at the department headquarters .

Newport Beach City Manager Update

Grace Leung , Newport Beach City Manager
By Grace Leung , Newport Beach
NBPD Page 6
City Manager
I am pleased to report that a longawaited water quality project , the Newport Bay Trash Interceptor , was approved by the Newport Beach City Council .
On Tuesday , July 11 , the City Council awarded a $ 3.9 million construction contract to Brea-based Jilk Heavy Construction , Inc . We expect to break ground this fall and begin operations in 2024 .
Newport Beach Police Chief Joe Cartwright and Newport Beach resident Dotty McDonald , who donated more than $ 25,000 in gift cards to the Newport Beach Police Department .
The Trash Interceptor is a sustainably powered , floating trash and debris collection system that will be built in the San Diego Creek between the Jamboree Road Bridge and MacArthur Boulevard Bridge , upstream from the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve .
The Trash Interceptor will greatly reduce the amount of trash and debris that washes into the bay , harbor and ocean areas adjacent to Balboa Peninsula from upstream inland communities of the Newport Bay watershed .
The Newport Bay watershed spans 154 square miles , encompassing the cities of Irvine , Tustin , Orange , Lake Forest , Laguna Hills , Costa Mesa , Santa Ana and Newport Beach , that includes a vast drainage network of storm drains , rivers , creeks and canals .
The Trash Interceptor , modeled after a similar system in Baltimore Harbor , will sit on a floating platform that rises and falls with the tide . The platform will be secured to the creek bottom by guide piles . The platform will hold a 14-foot wheel that spins using power from the creek ’ s current or solar panels to move a conveyor belt .
Trash floating downriver will be collected in four steps , as shown in the drawing below :
1 . A boom system directs floating trash toward the Interceptor .
2 . A spinning rake moves trash from the boom area to the conveyor belt .
3 . Trash is deposited from the conveyor belt into a collection container .
4 . When full , the container is moved by a short rail system to be transferred to a standard trash truck .
The system is expected to reduce the amount of waste reaching the Upper Newport Bay by 80 percent ( from an estimated 100 to 300 tons a year ). It will supplement other public and private efforts already in place – such as trash booms , storm drain collection systems , and floating skimmers – that protect sensitive aquatic environments .
I would like to thank our funding partners for making this project possible . They include the State of California , Help your Harbor / Surfrider Foundation , Ocean Protection Council , and the Orange County Transportation Authority . I also

NBPD Warns Public About Jewelry Swap Distraction Thefts

By NB Indy Staff The Newport Beach Police Department has received reports of distraction thefts where jewelry and watches are targeted . These incidents have been occurring in shopping center parking lots as well as residential areas while victims are running errands , walking in their neighborhood or even riding their bikes .
Typically , the suspects approach a victim and ask for assistance or directions . The suspect might try to offer a piece of jewelry as a “ thank you ,” hug the victim or distract the victim in another way . While the victim is unaware , the suspect will remove the victim ’ s jewelry and flee before the victim realizes that the theft occurred .
Here are some recommendations for practicing situational awareness and avoiding distraction thefts & pickpockets :
• As you go about your daily tasks , pay attention to the people , objects , vehicles and events happening around you .
• Limit distractions whenever possible .
• Be aware when a stranger gets into your personal space and try to keep your distance .
• Trust your instincts if someone or something is making you uncomfortable .
• Whenever you are out and about , remember to not lose sight of your personal belongings .



With the uptick in “ distraction thefts ,” do you feel prepared to prevent being a victim ?
m Yes m No