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‘ Groundhog Day ’ Takes Top Honors at the 75th Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race

by Christopher Trela | NB Indy
Nearly 140 boats of all sizes set sail from the Balboa Pier on Friday , April 28 in the 75th Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race .
When it ended hours later , Rich Festas ’ 46-foot Rogers “ Groundhog Day ” came out on top and nabbed three trophies .
According to information provided by the Newport Ocean Sailing Association , “ Groundhog Day ” was one of seven in the competitive Ultra-Light A-Class . “ Groundhog Day ” crossed the finish line at 17hr 36mn 13s , more than 2 hours and 34 minutes faster than the closest class competitors .
Festas ended up with the Governor of California Trophy for Best Overall PHRF- UL-A , the President of USA Trophy for Best Corrected Time ( All PHRF ), and the Tommy Bahama Best Corrected Overall Trophy .
When the boats set off from Newport , they found better-than-expected winds , yet according to Newport Ocean Sailing Association they were lighter than hoped for , putting sailors to the test and making
Grace Leung , Newport Beach City Manager
Yachts set sail from the Balboa Pier in the 75th Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race / photo by Jim Collins
every decision and problem-solving measure meaningful . Those choices resulted in close racing , with the difference between winning or not a matter of minutes , and in some cases seconds .
Festas said it was a nice easygoing race for “ Groundhog Day ,” with the crew of 10 , including his son , staying positive and motivated . Positivity and expectations for

Newport Beach City Manager Update

We understand and share the desire to help homeless individuals in our community who have fallen on hard times . The City devotes considerable resources to homeless outreach , aimed at connecting people to specific resources they need to secure and maintain permanent housing , along with support services such as drug and alcohol treatment , mental health care , and more .
From time to time , we hear of residents and visitors giving direct donations to people experiencing homelessness in the form of cash , food , tents or camping equipment . Such direct donations are generous and well-intentioned but can inadvertently undermine the City ’ s efforts to help connect those experiencing things getting better are what the boat ’ s name and mantra are all about , noted Festas . Taken from the movie , the spirit of “ Groundhog Day ” is not only being the best possible person every day , but the best possible sailors trying to do better every time they go out .
homelessness with temporary shelter and services , and to help them find longerterm housing .
The City created the Good Giving campaign several years ago to discourage direct donations and boost support for a local , City-administered fund that provides direct support to achieve specific goals . This fund provides homeless , formerly homeless , and housing insecure people in Newport Beach with resources and support that will help them on a path to finding and maintaining permanent housing .
Good Giving funds have purchased , for example , a bicycle for a formerly homeless
MAY 12 , 2023 | VOLUME XV , ISSUE 10

NBPD Holds Motorcycle Safety Enforcement Operation in May

NB Indy Staff
The Newport Beach Police Department will have extra officers on patrol during the month of May from 8 a . m . to 4 p . m . looking specifically for violations made by drivers and motorcycle riders .
The top primary crash factors for motorcycles are unsafe speed , improper turning , right-of-way violations , driving under the influence and unsafe lane changes . Speeding is the most common , accounting for nearly a third of all crashes in the state .
To help protect you and your family , keep the following tips in mind while driving or riding : Drivers
• Always check twice for motorcycles in your mirrors and blind spots .
• Use your signal when changing lanes .
• Never follow a motorcycle too closely . Always keep a safe distance .
• When at an intersection , allow enough space before turning . Motorcyclists
• Always wear a DOT compliant helmet and protective gear .
By Grace Leung , Newport Beach City Manager NBPD Page 6



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