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NAVIGATING LUNG CANCER Side Effects Lung cancer treatments have side effects. Not everyone has side effects. Over the past decade or so, progress has been made in chemotherapy that is less toxic. Many people have mild side effects. Some have severe side effects. Common side effects include: • • • • • • • fatigue nausea vomiting loss of appetite weakness hair loss mouth sores • • sores at the site of radiation treatment • • • • memory problems decreased immunity (resistance to other illness or disease) pain and discomfort diarrhea or constipation skin rashes Side effects will depend on what treatments you receive and how your body responds. Remember that side effects can be eased with medication before you even start treatment. It’s common to give anti-nausea medication to lung cancer patients before chemotherapy. This helps with vomiting. Ask your doctors about the possible side effects. Ask what you can do to help manage them. Report ANY side effects to your doctors throughout your treatment. They can’t help you feel better if they don’t know what you are experiencing. 24