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NAVIGATING LUNG CANCER 1 # How Serious Is Lung Cancer? Lung cancer is the leading cancer killer in both men and women in the United States 155,870 432 Deaths from lung cancer in the United States EACH YEAR EACH DAY More MEN die of lung cancer than More WOMEN die of lung cancer than of breast, of prostate and colon cancers combined ovarian, and uterine cancers combined 114 117 in in The risk that a man will get lung The risk that a woman will get lung cancer during his lifetime cancer during her lifetime ABOUT 14% 15 to 20 % 90% of all new cancers in the United States each year are lung cancer That equals 225,500 CASES While men are being diagnosed less with lung cancer, the rates are increasing in women. This is due to a change in the pattern of cigarette smoking in the last 30 years. While tremendous progress is being made in lung cancer diagnosis and treatment, it is still a very serious disease. It has the lowest 5-year survival 8 of lung cancer cases occur in people ages 50 and older of all lung cancer cases in the United States rate among all common cancers because by the time it is found, it has spread. The survival rate is more than 50% when: • it’s detected at an early stage • it’s in only one area of the lung Early screening is critically important. A cure is possible with early diagnosis and treatment with surgery. are not related to smoking Screening is recommended for current or former smokers. The more you smoke(ed) (more cigarettes, more years), the greater your risk. Speak with your doctor about new treatments that may work for you. In 2016, the FDA approved seven new lung cancer treatments, and there are many more being developed.