Native American Entrepreneurship 1 - Page 6



My name is Mikala SunRhodes. I come from the Northern Arapaho and Jemez Pueblo Tribes. I reside in Ethete, Wyoming on the Wind River Reservation. My childhood was filled with very artistic teachings. Naturally, I learned the medium of beadwork at a very young age. I was taught the basic beading techniques by my grandmothers and my older sister. As I grew as a beadworker, I developed my own style. My work incorporates the traditional Arapaho designs and symbols, and it is a blend of traditional and contemporary facets. In every piece of artwork, I carry on the culture and traditions of my family and all of those who came before me. I aspire to teach what was taught to me to the younger generations to carry on the teachings of our grandparents.

Mikala Sunrhodes