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I am a crafting artist from the Northern Arapaho Tribe. Life on the Wind River Reservation can be harsh at times, but the tribal people are also very kind and loving.

I love creating star quilts and vinyl crafts. Native American star quilts represent life, spirituality and community and are given to bring honor and comfort to those receiving them. Every piece is original and contemporary. I use traditional designs in my pieces while keeping them on modern mediums. The designs I use are tribal traditional geometrical shapes. My star quilts are made using bright and bold colors. I use the traditional designs to incorporate my heritage and to honor my ancestors.

My vinyl pieces are versatile; I make decals, custom stickers, stencils and more. This allows me to share my artwork on a broad scale in many different forms and with many more people.

Each piece I make, offers my good wishes and prayers for the recipient, just as I was taught by my grandmother. This tradition was handed down from each generation before me; I will pass to my children to keep this tradition alive.

Kayla Hill