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Jared SunRhodes, Woo’teen heeyei, BlackHawk, was born into a family of traditional artists who created pieces of artwork for cultural purposes. His artistic abilities then grew into what his art is today such as fine art pieces, wearable art, as well as continuing to carry on the traditional aspects of his art. As quoted by Jared, “Art has been a part of my life even before I could understand what art was.” His work is fostered by his appreciation for the culture and tradition that was instilled in him throughout his upbringing among his Northern Arapaho and the Walatowa People. He gives full homage to all the people who have steadfastly carried these values and teachings. Jared carries these traditions through his art by his representational designs and symbolism and believes he owes it to the people before him to pass it on.

Today the ledger art drawings that Jared creates tell a story of their own. His unique blend of timeless Arapaho symbolism emulates an account of the history of his people. Ledger art represents the historical transitions from the pre-reservation era, when hides were used, to the introduction of ledger books where historical accounts were documented. Jared’s work is on paper typically from 1890-1940’s, where he expresses stories in a historical and traditional way.


Jared SunRhodes