Native American Entrepreneurship 1 - Page 13



I am Letitia Black, owner of Evening Star Designs of the Northern Arapaho Tribe of the Wind River Indian Reservation. Weekends and evenings you will find me in my studio creating jewelry or sewing children’s dancing outfits in geometrical patterns and designs that are contemporary and traditional.

I create children’s dancing outfits because I love to see the children blossoming in the dance arena. The look of joy on their parent’s faces when they see their children dancing is priceless.

My children have inspired me to create outfits for them so that they can carry on our traditions and keep our culture alive. When we are dancing it is a powerful feeling of being uplifted, proud and sacredness all at the same time. I am honored to provide dancing regalia for the children so they can share their dancing with their families.

Letitia Black