NATDA Magazine May/Jun 2018 May/June 2018 - Page 46

According to Legal Zoom, a marketing budget can range anywhere from 1 to 30% of sales. Understanding your market and exactly where sales are taking place is not only critical in today’s environment, but it will help you control costs and keep you closer to that 1%. With the right data, you can drill down things like the top performing zip codes in your area or even what types of trailers are selling in those specific zip codes. Combine that with a Google Analytics-backed ad campaign, and your dealership grow quickly and efficiently. – Jeff Jones, Statistical Surveys, Inc. Often, people find your business by searching for products online. So, they could end up on your website or, possibly, one of your social media channels. It’s important to make sure those social channels are clean and are conveying a positive message about your brand. A good rule of thumb for social posting is 5:3:2. During the week, share five posts that your audience would find interesting but aren’t from you. This is called curating. Share three posts from your brand (new product, new sale, etc.). Finally, share 2 posts that humanize your brand (a behind-the-scenes look, a company cookout, etc.). On top of that, be sure to verify your Facebook page. You can do so by visiting the General Settings tab on your company’s Settings page. – Corey Langley, NATDA Marketing Manager Recently, our team has found success in reaching out to former exhibitors or members of the associa