NATDA Magazine Mar/Apr 2016 - Page 29

to hit the showroom. New models are an enticing reason to visit the dealership and a new opportunity to upgrade to a new RV or trailer. When a new model or distinguished used unit rolls in, grab some great photos and tease the readers with tantalizing details of the must-have features. WHO’S NEW Put the focus on your team in a quick and easy newsletter. Make readers feel like insiders by introducing them the new team members – especially team members they may meet on the sales floor, service department, or who may answer their phone calls and questions. A quick profile and photograph, helps customers feel “at home” at your dealership and makes them feel like part of your team. SEASONAL TIPS As the seasons change, change the content of your newsletter. Compose a quick and easy email newsletter chocked with seasonal tips and service reminders. Use the first cold blast to remind customers to winterize their RV; as the first green sprigs of spring emerge, send out a service reminder for air conditioners and vents, or perhaps remind them about landscape trailers for sale. As summer heats up, remind customers to check coolant, wipers, generators, and tires. As summer gives way to fall, a quick email letter can remind customers to bring their RV in to check and lubricate seals. With ideas for effective, quick and easy newsletters, use a few extra marketing tips to make sure customers open your newsletters and act. A) Write a compelling, informative subject line for your email. “November Newsletter” doesn’t offer much the customer doesn’t already know. “Fall Service Specials” or “Summer Safety Tips for Your RV” are inviting and informative. B) Be accurate and specific. Include full contact information with a phone number and name so customers can follow up on your email newsletter. C) Conclude with a call to action: come in today, call us, or check out our website. With simple to generate content, use quick and easy email newsletters to nurture a long-term relationship with your customers and grow a fan base for your dealership. For more information on Netsource Media, please visit or call 800-709-3240.