NATDA Magazine Mar/Apr 2016 - Page 28

easy and effective email letters that deliver must-have information to your best customers while creating excitement, interest and sales for your dealership. Great newsletters deliver value in the form of unique, quick to digest and easyto-use information to your loyal customer and create interest and traffic at the dealership. Pack your newsletter with value for the customer while meeting the needs of the dealership. The good news: it doesn’t take a marketing staff to make a great email newsletter. The best newsletter ideas are all around your dealership: quality products, great people, dependable service and unbeatable value. Get your email newsletter campaign in gear with some quick and easy ideas that don’t take a marketing professional or much of your time. 28 SERVICE SPECIALS Turn the slowest months in your service department around with email parts and service specials. The email newsletter special is a win for the customer who is rewarded for loyalty with a unique value. It’s also a win for the service department, where additional business is created. Already running a parts and service special? Use your email newsletter to remind your best customers to call and make their service appointment now. OLD LISTING, NEW LOOK Shine the spotlight on a unit that’s been languishing on your lot and listings by making it the star of a quick and easy email newsletter. If the unit isn’t drawing the customer attention it deserves, the earlier listing wasn’t effective. Take fresh photographs, look for new features to share, and highlight a new price or financing option. If you think the unit is worth featuring in your newsletter, chances are customers will give the unit a closer look. Search units that have been listed the longest. If you’re a NetSource Media customer, you can do this in the MMC. Just go to List Inventory and sort by Date added. Scroll to the bottom for the oldest units.You can also enter a date range to eliminate your most recent entries. TESTIMONIALS Transform a recent testimonial from a satisfied customer into a compelling newsletter. A flattering picture of your customer and a testimonial about their experience, a video clip, or excerpt from a thank-you note are powerful, simple ways to tell your story and create a quick and effective newsletter for your dealership. A testimonial adds credibility to your claims and gives readers comfort and confidence in your business. WHAT’S NEW New models mean new email newsletter content. Give your email subscribers a “sneak peak” inside the newest models NATDA Magazine