NATDA Magazine Mar/Apr 2016 - Page 24

Transfer Flow has introduced a 70-gallon fuel tank and toolbox combo for 1999 – 2016 Ford, Ram and GM full-size diesel trucks. The toolbox and fuel tank combo sits on the bedrails, and has an adjustable toolbox storage box that can adjust to the depth of a short bed or long bed pickup for a custom fit!  The adjustable toolbox storage area ranges from 5 ½ - 9 cubic feet. The toolbox tank is made from 14-gauge aluminized steel for superior strength and rust resistance. It’s baffled in two places on all four sides to reduce fuel slosh, and is powder coated black for a durable finish. The fuel fillneck is located inside the locking storage compartment – keeping your fuel safe and secure! The 70-gallon auxiliary tank operates with Transfer Flow’s TRAX 3™ operating system, which transfers fuel automatically to the OEM fuel tank at predetermined levels. It includes a dash-mounted LCD display that shows the fuel level percentages in each tank and the operational status of the fuel system. With the addition of our Refueling Tank Upgrade Kit, you can use your 70-gallon auxiliary fuel tank as a refueling tank as well! For more information on Transfer Flow’s 70-gallon fuel tank and toolbox combo, or for a copy of their Aftermarket Fuel Tank Systems catalog, call 1-800-442-0056, or visit their website at 24 NATDA