NATDA Magazine Mar/Apr 2016 - Page 21

each perused different career paths as time went on, but later teamed up and relocated to Northeast Texas to found Norstar. With over 65 years of first rate manufacturing experience between the brothers as production workers, management, and even ownership in other companies. Norstar was founded with a seasoned and experienced team that raised the first 20,000 square foot facility by their hands from the ground up - literally. After the walls were up, investing in new state of the art equipment began immediately including high end press brakes, laser cutters, and an advanced chemical wash and powder coating system. “We realized early on that if we wanted to be competitive in the truck bed market we had to deliver a product that is a cut above the rest, and we are doing just that,” said Abe Harms, President, Norstar. Overhead assembly lines soon filled the shop and orders filled their ERP system as the beds rolled through the shop. In just two short years, the Norstar facility has expanded to nearly five times the original shop space; and there has been no slowing down. “The reception of our truck beds across the U.S. has been amazing. We offer a bed for almost every industry from traditional flat beds continued on page 22 NATDA Magazine 21