Natal Nomads Golf Newsletter - Page 5

MATTERS ARISING UPCOMING AWARDS MEMBERSHIP 133 RESIGNATIONS - GLEN USHER REQUESTED A TRANSFER TO SOUTHERN NATAL ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP - Committee News The committee thanks Derek Airey for all the effort and commitment in managing the Photography portfolio over the years and welcomes Phil Hodgson in accepting the portfolio once again. 138 The Furtherance of Golf (F.O.G.) portfolio is currently being managed by Stephen Mclelland in addition to his commitment as prize master, Natal nomads thank you for your commitment and are hopeful the (F.O.G.) portfolio will be accepted by one of our members soon 134 135 136 137 139 Have you emailed your nomination for J.V.C. yet? – Please mail Helen your nominee for Junior Vice Captain 2020 Medical credit – Craig Allen Gall Bladder operation recovery Dave Watterson requested credit to take care of an ill child that requires constant care. Craig Smythe requires further credit due to a broken finger 140 141 In case we missed anyone else - Well wishes from Natal, to others, that may not be feeling top of the day at the moment and speedy recovery.