Natal Nomads Golf Newsletter - Page 2

Captains Report Chad Walters, Captain 2020 Captains Report – August 2020 Mount Edgecombe Country Club, Course 1, The Woods – 20 August 2020 Dear Nomads I take great glee in sending out my first Captains Report albeit under very peculiar circumstances. The lockdown in SA has endured since 27 th March 2020 which has caused much uncertainty with our golf as well as our personal and business lives and wish everyone the focus and sustainability to overcome these difficulties. Fortunately, we have progressed to level 2 which makes life and golf much more tolerable. If you are experiencing any difficulties please lean on myself, the committee or any fellow Nomad to lend you a hand. Playing at the wonderful Woods Course at Mount Edgecombe reminded me of walking along scoring for the Sunshine Tour and thinking how privileged I was to be playing golf and also giving back to the wonderful game of golf. I had the privilege of playing with our esteemed Immediate Past Captain, Tom Barff; Butch Armitage - National Co-ordinator and Phil Hodgson - Photographer. Thank you guys for an enjoyable game filled with banter and lots of competitive spirit, unfortunately Butch and me losing by 1 point to Tom and Phil. Congratulations to the following Divisional winners; A – Craig Allan, B – Gavin Brown, C – Blake Shepherd. A big welcome goes out to Justin Ackerman, who played his first game as an official Nomad. Hope you have an amazing era at Nomads and encourage you to whole heartedly participate in our much loved club. Unfortunately due to Covid we have yet to resume Prize Giving but are hopeful to re-commence at our next monthly game. Please be patient as this will be a longer than usual PG but at least we can look forward to our traditional bowl of curry. We were fortunate to be able to continue with our Joker Draw and once again two ticket holders were selected; Dave Martin and George Parker, unfortunately for them, fortunately for everyone else the Joker remains hidden. We look forward to the next round of approximately R26,000 pay-out. Our first monthly committee meeting will be held on Monday 24 th August and look forward to our discussions with current and new committee members and thank you to all our members entrusting us to fulfil these duties to strengthen our Club. At the very first opportunity I will physically present the new committee members to you as follows: 57 Chad Walters Captain 58 Johann Bothma Vice-Captain 59 Brand Van Niekerk Junior Vice Captain 60 Tom Barff IPC/Ex Officio & Gary Player 61 Mark Ward Able Furtherance of Golf 62 Janus Horn Secretary 63 Greg Graham Membership Ambassador 64 Our next game will be played at Royal Durban on Thursday, 17th John Elliott Away Games/S. Events 65 September 2020. Please remember that you are welcome to bring Werner Pieterse Clothing 66 a guest to introduce them to Nomads in the anticipation of joining Marc Feher Sponsorship 67 our amazing club. Garth Enslin Handicapper/Membership Butch Armitage National Coordinator 68 Arnie Neveling Newsletter/Webpage 69 Yours in Nomads 70 Phil Hodgson Photographer 71 Chad Walters Steve McClelland Prizes 72 Captain, Natal Nomads 2020/22 Tony Graham Helen Parker Treasurer Match Secretary 73 74 75 082 445 1699