NATAL NOMADS Golf Club Monthly issue Volume 2, Issue 1 | Page 2

P AGE 2 JANUARY 2019 Special Presentation: Greg Graham, Captain 2018 Tel: 031 566 1349 Cell: 083 647 5715 [email protected] Captains Report Dear Natal Nomads th Due to factors beyond our control, Special presentations will be moved forward to the next month raham, Captain – Natal Nomads 2018 I arrived at Beachwood Country Club on the morning of the 6 of December 2018 as Helen Parker was firing up the laptop to INDUCTIONS: Tel: 031 566 1349 use to open our Rounds as we checked in. The weather was perfect and I even remarked to Helen that everything seemed to be Cell: 083 647 5715 Shane Davidson lining up for a wonderful day. Between Tom, Chad and I we managed to ensure that, in the absence of Steve ‘The Prize Guy’ McClelland, all the Prizes for the Monthly Game and Gold Cup had email: found their way to the course and were set up and ready for Mykel Addison [email protected] the day well before the first ball was struck. Associate member Status: Gary Pearse Quinn Rautenbach Des Cormack Resignations received: Eric morsner Medical Credit granted: I was joined on the morning by Carlyle Field, the Vice Captain of Beachwood, the recently retired SAA Pilot, Gavin Bissict and Shaun ‘Chicken Joe’ Barker. Once again the wind began to blow, fortunately though as coastal golfers we have become accustomed to the unseasonal winds that have continued to plague us well beyond August. We had a most enjoyable round of golf, Beachwood is still in very good nick despite all the uncertainty surrounding it, well done to the Beachwood Committee and Staff. I have the pleasure of confirming that Tom has kept Beachwood on the calendar for next year to host our Gold Cup as it is the home of Natal Nomads. I did have a chat to Carlyle and Lance Whiteford, the current Captain of DCC who also joined us for the day, regarding the future of Beachwood and we will continue to monitor their situation and hopefully we won’t be required to make any adjustments for the foreseeable future. For the first time in my captaincy we had no visiting Nomads joining us. Thank you and welcome to Brand Van Niekerk and Patrick Madlala, our two guests who joined us for the day. We hope you had a great time and I have no doubt we will see you again. th th Having walked off the golf course on the 18 at around 16h12 and watching the final 4 Ball finishing their 15 hole, I thought to myself that we would be able to get the last scorecard in by 17h00 and commence and be done with prize-giving in no time at all. SAMSON had other ideas though……….we unfortunately had to succumb to technology and for the first time in 55 Years Natal Nomads didn’t have a prize giving after monthly game. I have subsequently received confirmation from the powers that be that it was not an error from our side but rather a ‘back-end’ system error which will be rectified in the next version of SAMSON so that if it occurs it can be fixed on the day. There is a first for everything gents and I wish to sincerely apologise to all the players and guests on the day for this unforeseen set of circumstances. A big thank you must go to Frans Van Schaik for his assistance and guidance around Samson. The good news is that we have managed to capture everything subsequently and we will have a slightly extended prize-giving at our next game to incorporate the 2 Monthly prize-givings and Gold Cup. th Umhlali Country club will host our next game is on the 17 of January and I look forward to seeing you all there. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Wonderful and Safe Festive Season. Greg Graham, Captain – Natal Nomads 2018 Blake Shepherd David Buxton th Craig Allan 30 th John Crimes 6 st Brian Findlay 1 th Tony Graham 16 th Graeme Harkiss 25 th Roy Hutton 19 th John Jarvis 7 th Peter Macnaughton 9 th Gary Pearse 10 th Rob Pringle 29 th Fred Stopforth 17 st Guido Wiegmink 31 st John Winton 31