NATAL NOMADS Golf Club Monthly issue Newsletter Umhlali Golf Club February 2019 - Page 17

Page 4 Editors Note Written by - Arnie Neveling I guess everything is in full swing personally, and the year is seemingly going to be a prosperous one for all NATAL NOMADS. From a golfing perspective this will seemingly, be the year that the golfing gods will smile upon us, at least it rings true for one NATAL NOMAD, that comes to mind. Cheers!! To winning the KONICA MINOLTA INDIVIDUAL CHALLENGE, Tom Barff you seem to be on the road, not only individually, but as the incumbent Captain of Natal Nomads this year. In addition to the success encountered by at least 1 Nomad, that I am aware of, there will be opportunities for all Natal Nomads to make their mark in numerous ways, not least the “Travelling Natal Nomads”, representing us at the Nomads fixtures, throughout Southern Africa, especially, at the upcoming NATIONALS in Gauteng. As a representative of Natal Nomads I am hopeful to contribute in some way. Therein is the conundrum - I consider my ability to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the event, opposed to displaying my expertise on the golf course unbalanced. We still have an opportunity to hone our skills at Athlone Golf Club in our February monthly game, before departing to compete for the BERT HUNT TROPHY, at Nationals in early march. Please note we are starting an additional monthly feature – NOMADS RULE OF PLAY, excerpts taken to feature as a guide to all NOMADS With the National Tournament being played early next month, I have added a section about the trophies on offer !! Have a great Golfing Month !! Please mail me at - 17