NATAL NOMADS Golf Club Monthly issue Newsletter Cotswold Downs Golf Club Volume 2 Issue - Page 9

3. Playing 4 Ball - Sponsored by Mount Vernon Wines and BODY 20, each winning 2 bottles of wine including a Training and Assessment Voucher valued at R450 each Runners up Mark Olivier (Guest) Total Points: 125 oco Tina Govender (Guest) John Crimes Craig Redfern Winning (Pack of 2 Bath Sheets each) sponsored by Natal Nomads WINNERS Robert Best Total Points: 125 Pierre Niekerk Keith Forde Steven Searle (Guest) 0 0 4. Playing Pair for the day - Sponsored by: SAB Runners Up Pierre Niekerk a case of Stella Artois Total Points: 66 Keith Forde Sponsored by: Janus Horn from Sica’s Guest House receiving an ADIDAS Bag including a bottle of red wine WINNERS Ian Horsefield (Guest) 0 Total Points: Alan Tennant 70