NATAL NOMADS Golf Club Monthly issue Newsletter Cotswold Downs Golf Club Volume 2 Issue - Page 6

EUROPCAR IKO 2019 – July/August Quarter final round Natal nomads winners Pool 3 - Pool 5 - Pool 6 - Pool 9 - Pool 11 - Butch Armitage Des Rode Fred Stopforth, Gavin Bissict John Crimes, Keith Forde Maurice Chelin, Mick Sugden, Mike Jordan Newsflash!! When making an EFT payment to NATAL NOMAD please provide a reference – i.e Invoice Number or Name and details referring to reason for payment. LOTTO Winners are requested to mail Tony Graham @ with bank details in order to receive payment COMPOSITE LEAGUE - The next league game against ROYAL DURBAN & ATHLONE GOLF CLUB is on Sunday 8 th September, @ Royal Durban Golf Club, please contact Janus to confirm your participation A.S.A.P , to avoid disappointment. SLOW PLAY continues being of concern, rule of thumb is to keep up with the fourball ahead of you, and THE COMMITTEE ask that all players adhere to this policy, please be considerate of the frustration caused to all the players following. In general players are understanding of the challenges golf can bring, but patience can wear thin if it continues for several holes. It should take a foursome on average 15 minutes to complete a hole - JUST PUTTING IT OUT THERE!! Errors on Scorecards - It was agreed that the first offence would be a fine of R50.00 for an incorrectly scored card, and the Second offence would be a disqualification. (Incorrect scorecards cause delays, frustrating scorers, delaying prize giving and eventually having to deal with disgruntled members due to the delay in starting prize giving )