NATAL NOMADS Golf Club Monthly issue Newsletter Cotswold Downs Golf Club Volume 2 Issue - Page 4

Special Presentation: Badge: 100 Game Badge – Tom Barff Resignation: It is with regret that we accept the resignation from Fred Stopforth, a long standing member and sponsor, Medical Credit received: Geoff Stead, Marc feher (Operation) Mike Graham (Bronchitis) Peter Avellini receiving his 20 year Tie from Tom New Applications: FOR AUGUST – Surname Name Birth Date Pieterse Werner 30 Majola Lungisani 17 Forde Keith 12 Walters Chad 15 Hanger Garth 10 Van Rensburg Theo 26 Smith Gary 12 Crafford Ian 12 Mayers Mike 24 Captain Tom Barff welcomes Sean Lenz to Natal Nomads, may there be many years of camaraderie and laughter.