NATAL NOMADS Golf Club Monthly issue Newsletter Cotswold Downs Golf Club Volume 2 Issue - Page 2

Captains Report Tom Barff, Captain 2019 Dear Nomads This was Natal Nomads’ first monthly game to be held at Cotswold Downs, and I was very impressed by the quality of the facilities and the golf course as well as their staff that put in a lot of effort to make the day run smoothly. A big thank you to Golf Director, Wayne Krambeck and his team, particularly Sane Gumede who co-ordinated day’s events at Cotswold Downs, for a job well done. We received the below e-mail from Sane following our game, which I thought was a nice touch and very sincere. Hi Chad, On behalf of the Cotswold Leisure team we would like to say thank you for your continued support in using Cotswold as your choice venue for your Nomads Golf Day! We are very proud of our product and as such it is wonderful to work with a dedicated team of people that are equally proud of your brand and are professional in everything you do. I believe this is a great fit of both brand and product with likeminded clients and we certainly look forward to making the future events even more special for both Nomads and your clients. PS: Kindly forward me photos and names for all the people we would have to thank on our write up. Kind Regards Sane Gumede I would like to get the feedback from fellow Nomads about how they enjoyed playing at this new venue, positive or negative. I know the greens were very quick, and quite tricky but there were some good scores so I think it was a fair th challenge. We even had a Hole-in-One on the 14 by Alex Crockart, congratulations Alex! I think it is also a first having a shot-gun start, and this doesn’t make it easy with a mass registration, scoring afterwards and getting prize-giving started on time. So thank you to all concerned on making it happen. We had one special presentation which was Peter Avellini’s 20 Year Tie. I was pleased to see we had 8 visitors at the monthly game. I trust they enjoyed themselves and that we can get them to play again with a viewing to “converting” some to Nomads in the near future. The list of visitors for reference were:        Stephen Searle with Robert Best Carl Kriegisch with Rob Thornhill Guy Stone with Sean Phillips Rory Allan with Craig Allan Ian Horsfield Alan Tennant Jason Bird with Dave Martin Mark Olivier and Tino Govender with Craig Redfern