NATAL NOMADS Golf Club Monthly issue Newsletter Cotswold Downs Golf Club Volume 2 Issue - Page 17

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER 2019 RULES OF GOLF CHANGES ELIMINATION OF PENALTIES: • There is now NO penalty for an accidental double hit, Just the stroke itself counts. All accidental deflections are treated the same way; NO penalty and the ball is played as it lies. • During a search for a ball, there is NO penalty if a ball is moved by the player or caddie. In all cases, the ball will be replaced, it will never be dropped. If the spot where the ball must be replaced is not precisely known, estimate it and replace the ball on that spot. • There is now NO penalty if a ball in motion accidentally hits the player, caddie, equipment, or the flagstick whether removed or attended. There is only a penalty if it is deliberate or if the player or caddie deliberately positions equipment to stop a ball in motion. • There is still NO penalty when a ball or ball marker is accidentally moved on the putting green. • There is now NO penalty for carrying a non-conforming club, penalty applies only for using it. • If a ball has been moved by an Outside Influence, it must be replaced in all cases including when the spot is not known. It will never be dropped. • On the putting green a ball which strikes a moving inanimate natural object (like a leaf) after a putt, the shot is NO longer cancelled and replayed. The ball will be played as it lies If a ball in motion is accidentally deflected by you or your equipment, there will be NO penalty and the ball will be played from where it came to rest. 2019 / 2020 NATAL NOMADS FIXTURES Monthly Games Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY SPECIAL EVENTS th 20 JULY 2019 ST 21 JULY 2019 27/29 SEPT 2019 18/20 OCT 2019 1ST NOV 2019 8/13 MARCH 2020 22nd August 2019 19th September 2019 17th October 2019 14th November 2019 5th December 2019 16th JANUARY 2020 13th FEBRUARY 2020 26th MARCH 2020 23rd APRIL 2020 Victoria Country Club Umkomaas G.C. Royal Durban Golf Club Cato Ridge Golf Club Beachwood Country Club UMHLALI COUNTRY CLUB ATHLONE GOLF CLUB AMANZIMTOTI C.C. MOUNT EDGECOMBE COUNTRY CLUB DRAKENSBURG GARDENS CUP LANGHAM EDWARD TROPHY SOUTHERN NATAL ANNIVERSARY SWAZILAND NATIONALS ANDREW MENTIS GOLF DAY S.A. NATIONALS COTSWOLD DOWNS GOLF CLUB DURBAN COUNTRY CLUB SELBORNE PARK G.C. ROYAL SWAZI SPA C.C. ROYAL DURBAN GOLF CLUB BORDER/EAST LONDON G.C.