NARM Quarterly Winter 2021 - Page 7

Tampa Baseball Museum at the Al Lopez House

Boca Raton Historical Society, Inc.

Boca Raton, Florida


The Boca Raton Historical Society serves a wide variety of users as the principal source for information on the history of Boca Raton. Our educational programs bring Florida history to local school children in compliance with Florida state standards and our popular tours, lectures, exhibits, and extensive social media outreach make history both educational and fun for all ages.

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St. Augustine Historical Society

St. Augustine, Florida


The González-Alvarez House, a National Historic Landmark known locally as “The Oldest House”, is the core of the St. Augustine Historical Society’s Oldest House Museum complex. The museum is one of a multitude of museum spaces located within the complex. Dating to the early 1700s, the historic house museum gives a glimpse into the lives of its Spanish, British and American occupants from the First Spanish Period through the Victorian era. It is the oldest surviving Spanish Colonial residential dwelling in Florida, and is the oldest museum in Florida, open to the general public since 1892.

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Tampa, Florida


The Tampa Baseball Museum at the Al Lopez House, which opened on September 25, 2021, showcases 135 years of Tampa's iconic baseball heritage, from the early leagues and Spring Training to the Tampa Bay Rays. Nearly 90 Major League Baseball players who grew up in Tampa and surrounding Hillsborough County are featured. For many, their journey to the Majors began in local sandlots and Little Leagues, continued through high schools abounding with baseball talent, and took off on title-winning college teams.