NARM Quarterly Winter 2021 - Page 21

Faces of Africa: A Mystical View of Tribal Heritage

Images courtesy the Museum of Ancient Wonders

Celebrating the tradition of ritual and ceremony for more than 3,500 years, the mask is a sacred and revered object, honored and beloved in addition to be a feared and dangerous entity. For the people of Africa, tribal masks and sculpture represent the invisible force assigned to it, which may be the spirit of a wise ancestor, a tutelary deity or any embodiment of supernatural power from the animal kingdom. Whoever wears a mask combines and unites their strength to the spirit associated with it, enhancing value and heightening power, creating a mystical empyreal bond between the past and present, the sacred living and the honored dead.

From ancient Nok heads to the spectacular masks of Dogon dances and contemporary South African murals, the popular "Faces of Africa" is an intimate and mystical view of the tribal heritage.

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