NARM Quarterly Summer 2022 - Page 8

Pritzker Military Museum & Library

Chicago, Illinois


A non-governmental, non-partisan organization, the Museum & Library features diverse collections, scholarly initiatives, and public programs from its flagship center in downtown Chicago. With national and global reach, we aim to share the stories of those who served, helping citizens everywhere appreciate the relationship between the armed forces and the civilians whose freedoms they protect. The Museum & Library is located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the historic Monroe Building in downtown Chicago.

Lincoln County Historical Association | Pownalborough Court House

Lincoln County Historical Association | Chapman-Hall House

Damariscotta, Maine


Chapman-Hall House was named to honor the two families who resided in the house over a period of 153 years, the Chapman family from 1754 to 1835, and then the Hall family until 1907. This fine example of a Maine house in the Pre-Revolutionary period was built by Nathaniel Chapman in 1754. Nathaniel was a housewright in Ipswich, Massachusetts. At age 51 Nathaniel and his wife Miriam moved to the Damariscotta area (or Nobleboro, as it was known at the time), and began overseeing the building of houses.

Dresden, Maine


Designed by Boston architect Gershom Flagg and built in 1761 by the Kennebec Proprietors for the newly created Lincoln County, the Pownalborough Court House received such notable visitors as John Adams, Benedict Arnold, Robert Treat Paine, William Cushing, Reverend Jacob Bailey and two future Massachusetts governors: David Sewall and James Sullivan. Numerous trials were held here, including that of Judge North which was featured in the Pulitzer Prize winning book, The Midwife’s Tale by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, based on the diary of local resident Martha Ballard (1735-1812).