NARM Quarterly Summer 2021 | Page 9


Spring, Texas


The Pearl is a vibrant organization that serves as an educator and catalyst for awareness and understanding of visual arts – through the art within our gallery spaces and educational programs that we provide for adults and children. The exhibitions feature works of regional, national, and international artists, contemporary and historical works, juried exhibitions, student shows, and a great diversity of subject matter. In addition to the main gallery, the Hillery Community Gallery features works from local Texas artists.

Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts

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Photo by David Hopper

Luxembourg American Cultural Society and Center

Belgium, Wisconsin


The Luxembourg American Cultural Society’s mission is to preserve the roots of our heritage and nurture the leaves of

ongoing relationships between Luxembourg and America. Sponsors the Luxembourg American Cultural Center include both the Roots & Leaves Museum and the Dooley-Wagner Research Center, the largest research center for Luxembourg studies and genealogy outside of the Grand Duchy.