NARM Quarterly Summer 2021 | Page 4

Estes Park, Colorado


If these walls could talk, they would tell a compelling tale of mountain life in early Estes Park through the eyes of the influential Flora & F.O. Stanley and the domestic help who maintained their house, property, and way of life. To enter the Stanley Home Museum’s door is to pass through a frame into a painting, one with a time and life of its own.

The 1904 Colonial Revival home’s 11 rooms, all of which retain original architecture, are furnished with an outstanding collection of decorative arts objects.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the inclusive stories, revel in the magnificent preservation of Rockside, and explore the property’s scenic view to encourage ideas of the past and forge new understanding for the future.

Stanley Home Museum & Education Center

Burritt on the Mountain

Huntsville, Alabama


In the heart of Huntsville, Alabama, atop Round Top Mountain, lies Burritt on the Mountain, an important piece of Alabama’s history.

Situated on a magnificent 167-acre site overlooking the city, we encourage visitors to explore the natural beauty of Round Top Mountain, learn about its ecology, revisit the lives of farmers from the 1800s, and tour the Burritt Mansion. For over 65 years Burritt has been an attraction that everyone can enjoy.

Museum of Ancient Wonders

Cathedral City, California


Comprised of hundreds of artifacts and fossils, fully curated into 5 distinct and one-of-a-kind exhibitions, the Museum of Ancient Wonders provides an opportunity for visitors of all ages to immerse themselves into the mesmerizing life of the Pharaoh, ancient African mysticism, fully mounted dinosaurs, human origins (including the famous Lucy skeleton), and to experience the international fossil record in one of the most comprehensive and diverse fossil collections ever assembled and rarely seen outside of their respective museums.

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