NARM Quarterly Summer 2021 | Page 2

Cover art: (clockwise from top left): Hannah Bumgarner, Birdhouse Manhole Cover, 2019; Ellen Foose-Kutty, Honeybee Manhole Cover, 2019; Daniel Barnard, Pizza Raccoon Manhole Cover, 2019; Manuel Simonet,Frog Manhole Cover, 2019

Backpage art:

Randy Kooistra, Brown Thrasher Manhole Cover, 2019

The Master Craftsman Program at Kennesaw State University, housed in the School of Art and

Design, serves to bring students and the community together through public art. This student-driven

program began in 2017 and works to strengthen community ties while enhancing the student experience

and public awareness of art. Students partner with businesses and municipalities such as the City

of Kennesaw, the City of Acworth Police Department, the William Root House Museum, the Southern

Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, and Smith-Gilbert Gardens to design, fabricate, and install

artworks in a variety of materials and sizes.

Students in the Master Craftsman Program, many of whom are not sculpture majors, learn new

skillsets that help prepare them for working as professional artists such as how to interact with clients,

how to create project proposals and quotes, and how to effectively pitch their ideas to potential clients.

Students also learn fabrication skills which include welding and metal casting. Projects have included

sculptural benches, bike racks, signage, memorial sculptures, and even custom cast-iron manhole covers.

By particiapting in the Master Craftsman Program, students become active partners and stakeholders

in the community. The creative placemaking undertaken through the community engagement and

partnership also enhances the surrounding areas and stands as a point of pride for the Master

Craftsman Program, students in the program, and the surrounding communities.

Summer featured artists:

Students of The Master Craftsman Program at Kennesaw State University

Contact information:

Page Burch

Master Craftsman Program Director

[email protected]

Ana Ortega, Koi Manhole Cover, 2018