NARM Quarterly Summer 2018 - Page 7


Lightner Museum

St. Augustine, Florida


Originally built in 1888 as the Alcazar Hotel, Lightner Museum houses more than 20,000 pieces of American Gilded Age art and artifacts.

Imagine Museum

St. Petersburg, Florida


Imagine Museum visually takes you through the history of this remarkable medium from the early pioneers of Littleton and Labino through to the groundbreaking, transcendent art being produced in the medium today. Come and explore the richness of thought, concept, technique and execution of these amazing artists and enter into the world of light, reflection and creative expression.

Pleasant Home

Oak Park, Illinois


Pleasant Home is a Prairie Style house museum located in the heart of Oak Park, one the nation’s most architecturally significant villages. Designed in 1897 by prominent architect George W. Maher, the home is a National Historic Landmark and the only Maher building open to the public as a museum.

Adams County Historical Society

Decatur, Indiana


The Adams County Historical Society owns and maintains the historic and beautiful Charles A. Dugan Mansion and Museum in Decatur, IN. This 6,000 square foot home is the headquarters for the Historical Society and houses many antique artifacts from the Adams County area. The ACHS was founded in 1957 and acquired the Dugan Mansion at

auction in 1968 for $17,500 after the last

Dugan family member passed away.