NARM Quarterly Summer 2018 - Page 6

New Members

University of California, Riverside- ARTSblock

Riverside, California


ARTSblock serves as a cultural anchor for both the University and the broader Inland Empire communities. ARTSblock organizes provocative and timely art exhibitions, performances, screenings, and other programs with the aim of invigorating the cultural life of artists and residents of Southern California, nurturing creative and critical thinking on campus and in the community, and promoting the importance of the arts for a healthy society. ARTSblock offers innovative programs that engage diverse audiences, nourish the imagination, and challenge assumptions.

ARTSblock’s activities embody UCR’s commitment to broadly-based public education and cutting-edge research. As a university museum and art gallery, ARTSblock is committed to offering students opportunities for professional museum work. Students from UCR and elsewhere are involved under the aegis of independent course status, internships, work-study, and as volunteers.

The Ruth Bancroft Garden

Walnut Creek, California


The Ruth Bancroft Garden is a 3.5 acre dry garden in Walnut Creek, CA. Established in the early 1970s as one woman’s private succulent and cactus garden, the Garden opened to the public in 1992 as the first project of The Garden Conservancy. The Garden’s renowned collection of water conserving plants is made up of over 2000 species from arid regions around the world. The Garden’s mission is to preserve Ruth Bancroft’s collection and exceptional example of garden design, and to continue to develop its collection of water-conserving plants for the education and enjoyment of the public.

New Castle Historical Society

New Castle, Delaware


The New Castle Historical Society (NCHS) operates the Amstel and Dutch House Museums in addition to the Old Library (exhibit space) and the New Castle Visitor Center at The Arsenal. As the historical society for the City of New Castle, DE, the NCHS preserves and interprets the history of the town that started as a Dutch Fort in 1651.

Everglades Wonder Gardens

Bonita Springs, Florida


The Reptile Gardens attraction has been a focal point of Bonita Springs since Bill and Lester Piper created the facility to rehabilitate injured animals. The park remained in the Piper family for over 80 years and has been non profit since 2015. It has become a place for visitors to enjoy the botanical gardens and see wildlife in an intimate, immersive and educational way, something that modern parks cannot provide.

The new Everglades Wonder Gardens focuses on reptiles (over two dozen large alligators and a 16 ft python), beautiful birds and botanical gardens, which has some of the most unique species of both native and exotic specimens from around the planet. The Gardens appeal to the many visitors who frequent Southwest Florida from all over the world, as well as the local community and its residents.