NARM Quarterly Summer 2018 - Page 10

National Black Doll Museum of History & Culture

Mansfield, Massachusetts


The National Black Doll Museum of History & Culture is a special place of past and present, struggle and success, art and reality… and wonder. Witness the journey from the African slave trade right up to today’s headlines through the eyes of historic, handmade, and modern dolls. With remarkable photographs, posters, dioramas, sculptures and more, guests can experience:

- The history, traditions, and fashions of the African experience.

- Black Americans, from slave sales to Rosa Parks and Barack Obama.

- Innovators in music - soul, rock & roll, rap, blues and jazz.

- Sports legends who broke down racial barriers, and sports records.

- The “firsts” in the entertainment world, and so much more.

House of the Seven Gables

Salem, Massachusetts


The Turner-Ingersoll Mansion, known as the House of the Seven Gables, was built in 1668 for Salem sea captain John Turner. In 1910, philanthropist and preservationist, Caroline Emmerton, founded The House of the Seven Gables Settlement Association to steward this seventeenth-century treasure.

Capitalizing on the mansion’s connection to American author Nathaniel Hawthorne (who used it as the

setting for his 1851 novel, The House of the Seven Gables), Emmerton rescued it, restored it and with the help of architect Joseph Everett Chandler, opened it to the public as a museum. She used the ticket-sale proceeds to fund social services for Salem’s newly arrived immigrants.

Today, The House of the Seven Gables Settlement Association is dedicated to continuing Emmerton’s work by preserving this National Historic Landmark District and leveraging its power as American icon to engage diverse audiences and provide educational opportunities for the local immigrant community.

Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum

Gulfport, Mississippi


The Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum has over 200 years of railroad history dedicated to Bringing the Spirit of the American Railroad Back to Life. The Museum is the home of the largest LEGO(R) railroad display in Mississippi, over 80 running scale model trains, elevated and ground level G scale trains, interactive layouts for kids to operate and enjoy, outdoor garden displays, and multiple riding trains!

There are also many fun, themed outdoor railroad displays to enjoy like Jurassic Park and Futurama! We are a true generational connector with something fun for all ages. We offer field trips, corporate family days, special events & fundraisers.

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