NARM Quarterly Spring 2023 - Page 4

Laguna Hill, California


The Moulton Museum is expanding the collective understanding of the ranching era and its lasting impact on the economic, social, architectural, and cultural fabric of Orange County.

We actively archive, restore, and preserve Orange County historical artifacts and are committed to sharing the collection with the public through rotating exhibitions that feature Lewis F. Moulton’s ranching legacy and more.

Moulton Museum

Artemizia Foundation

Bisbee, Arizona


The Artemizia Foundation champions Diversity in Gender, Orientation, Ethnicity & Worldview. Artemizia Foundation’s new home at 818 Tombstone Canyon in historic Bisbee includes:​

Bentonville History Museum

Bentonville, Arkansas


The Bentonville History Museum is a catalyst for engaging the broadening community. Our goal is to create a space to develop, preserve, and nourish the historical representation of our community. It is our mission and our unwavering objective to both celebrate and survey Bentonville’s unique and varied history.

Bentonville has been a catalyst for change and action for decades. It is our mission to guide the future through the past and offer a hands-on exploration of the stories that have shaped our community and will continue to do so for generations to come.

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The Museum of Contemporary, Graffiti and Street Art where visitors can experience works by Banksy, Swoon, Warhol, Lady Pink, and more; Gallery 818 with exhibitions and cultural events featuring cutting-edge national and international artists; Mural Labyrinth with 12 interconnecting rooms and passageways, with murals, neon installations, paste-ups and surprises; a Sculpture Garden & Picnic Area where visitors can bring lunch or a snack and enjoy our gorgeous patio.