NARM Quarterly Spring 2021 - Page 18

Flying High: For the Love of Birds

Celebrating our feathered friends, the Texas Quilt Museum is touring the exhibition Flying High: For the Love of Birds, organized by Dr. Sandra Sider, the Museum’s curator.

This exhibition of 22 art quilts requires approximately 150 linear feet, all the works have sleeves on the back for hanging, and wall labels will be sent in a Word document. Our booking slots run through July of 2023, with a rental fee of $1600 and a non-refundable deposit of $500 upon signing of the loan agreement. Venues also pay shipping or delivery costs. For shipping, the quilts will be packed in three or four watertight cases. The Texas Quilt Museum insures the exhibition during shipping.

Inquiries or requests additional images of all the quilts should be directed to Sandra:

Exhibitions for Rent