NARM Quarterly Spring 2021 - Page 11

ZOOM Art Talks

Presented by

Loveland Museum

The Loveland Museum hosts a wide variety of free programs and events throughout the year. In April, join a talk with Loveland artist Sharon Carlisle’ discussing her most recent body of artwork that examines the connection between Loveland and the larger world community through water. In this talk, she will discuss the inspiration and process behind her exhibit "Speaking to Water," while inspiring others to look at this invaluable resource from new perspectives.

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Virtual Events

Presented by

Hunterdon Art Museum

The Hunterdon Art Museum has been busy at work creating innovative virtual programs and bringing our exhibitions online as virtual reality experiences. Upcoming talks include:

"Pipe Art: Understudied Glass," considers the glass pipe as a fluid work of art fundamental to the art history of glass. Sometimes demoted by law or public opinion to the category of “paraphernalia,” the artwork of the pipe nonetheless defies its sometimes categorization as sub-sculpture.

Thomas Cole and the Contemporary: Laura Moriarty’s “Tableau for Thomas Cole” is presented in conjunction with Hunterdon Art Museum’s current exhibition,  "Laura Moriarty: Resurfacing."


Kimberly Thomas, Trash Robot

Virtual programming