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Still Stand, Purdue University Cultural Cultural Center.

Dafri’s work has been featured in publications such as "Southern Cultures" (University of North Carolina Press), "The Blood Horse Magazine," "The Keeneland Magazine," "Kentucky, and BLKCRWN + Culture." Dafri founded and runs his inaugural gift shop and gallery at the Julietta Market, housed in the historic Greyline Station in Lexington, KY.

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Featured Artist: Dafri

“My work is a bridge over colored water.”

Freedom is often equated with movement. If one is free, it is supposed they may move freely, unhindered by restriction. But what about when there is no possible option to move, can there be freedom? I believe so. 

Dafri is a storyteller and multi-disciplinary artist whose work illumines the paradoxical moments of freedom found in the midst of adversity. Dafri received his BFA from The University of Kentucky and his MA in Education (LBD) from Georgetown College. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the southeast including: Behind the Roses at the Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center and Roots 101 African American Museum and And Hear We