NARM Quarterly Fall 2021 - Page 12

Virtual Tours: New Art South Florida

Presented by NSU Art Museum

Presented by China Institute

Featuring the work of 13 preeminent South Florida artists who are recipients of the 2020 South Florida Cultural Consortium awards, the exhibition is curated by NSU Art Museum’s Director and Chief Curator, Bonnie Clearwater, a longtime champion of South Florida artists.

The exhibition’s artists work in a wide range of mediums and include: Broward County: Nathalie Alfonso, Shane Eason and Andriana Mereuta; Miami-Dade County: Itzel Basualdo, Franky Cruz, GeoVanna Gonzalez, Nicolas Lobo, Monica Lopez De Victoria, Kareem Tabsch and Antonia Wright; Palm Beach County: Ates Isildak; and Monroe County: Michel Delgado and Mark Hedden.


Breaking the Vault: Art and Poetic Liberty

Presented by the Art Gallery of Hamilton

Presented by China Institute

"Breaking the Vault: Art and Poetic Liberty" is the product of nine young, highly creative and energized Hamilton-based poets exploring this Gallery’s permanent collection. Their mission was to choose works that would spark a personal and creative response for each of them, then build an exhibition that would allow both art and word to share space equally.

Experience the art they selected and the poetry they created through a series of engaging short videos. Visit the exhibition in person to experience their poetry through VR. 


Image: Guest curated by Amani Omar, Dondon, Eddie Lartey, Gizy, Jaidyn Fenton, Kaitlyn Tolch, Maeve Jenkinson, Paulo Leon, and Tanya Pineda. Supported by RBC, incite foundation and Hamilton Youth Poets.