NARM Quarterly Fall 2019 | Page 19

Credit: Katrina Andry, The Promise of the Rainbow Never Came, installation view LSU MOA,

November 15, 2018-March 25, 2019.

Exhibitions for Rent

Women have played a vital role in the course of human civilization, but much of their accomplishments and contributions have been excluded from history. Throughout California’s history, Chinese American women have contributed to the economy of the state.

The Chinese Historical Society of America’s new exhibition "Towards Equality: California’s Chinese American Women" highlights the accomplishments of these women in education, politics, finance, business, and their pivotal role as matriarchs.

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Katrina Andry: The Promise of the

Rainbow Never Came

This site-specific installation includes eight large-scale color reduction prints. Katrina Andry’s prints depict people thrown overboard. The exhibition reflects on the lives lost—the lives violently erased—during the Middle Passage. The figures, transitioning from human to eel form, are almost monstrous or beastly in their hybrid state. Andry’s anthropomorphic depictions point to the history of dehumanizing representations of black people.

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